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roof jack 67-97 inches colman 400-7171/C


4000-7171/C Coleman roof jack 67-97 inches (NLA)

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Note:  This size of Coleman roof jack is no longer available.  For a replacement order a 4000-7151/C roof jack and a 7900A6171 interior extension.  

Adjustable from 67-97" when measured from roof (not ceiling) to top of furnace. This 4000 series roof jack is used on almost all Coleman gas furnaces including CGAT, COAS, COAT, DGAA, DGAH, DGAM, DGAT, DGPA, DGPH, DGPT, DLAS, 7900 and 7600 models.

For older furnaces, check your data plate or e-mail us. Swivel flashing allows installation on roof pitches ranging from 0/12 to 5/12. Installation instructions included. Outside pipe is 8-1/4" which fits over about an 8" pipe on the furnace. Inside pipe is 5-1/4" which fits over about a 5" pipe on the furnace. Original box size is 16x16x86". No international shipping.

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