3500-6901/A Coleman blower assembly 4-speed 240V 1/3hp

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240V 4-speed 1/3hp A/C blower assembly for 3400, 3500 & EB series electric furnaces. Used with air conditioners up to 3.5 tons. Includes 024-27651-000 motor, 026-32627-700 10x8 blower wheel, 373-19806-100 motor mount, 7.5/370V POCF7-5A run cap, 15 pin male molex plug & housing. You must verify wiring at the Molex plug for 3400 series furnaces as the wires in the plug may need to be changed or removed. Replaces B82-016,3400-690, 3400-6901, 3400A690, 3400A6901, 3500-690, 3500-690/A & 3500-6901.

For 4-5 ton a/c units, use a 3500-7901 assembly.