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3118C312P Coleman 5" Blower Motor 1/7HP 230V 2-Speed


3118C312P Coleman 5" Blower Motor 1/7HP 230V 2-Speed

Part Number:
$ 259.60

Coleman 1/7 hp 2-speed blower motor. 230V, 60Hz, 2.5-2.4 amps, 600-1060 RPM. No run capacitor required. 1/2" x 2-7/8" shaft. Housing is 5" diameter x 3.5" deep. Molex pins crimped onto the end of the wires. Shaft rotates counter clockwise when viewing from the back end of the motor. Pins then snap inside a Molex male plug. Order a replacement plug here. Orange-common, black-high, red-low. Oil every 6 months with SAE 20. Fits many furnaces in the 3100A and 3100B series (but not the 3100).

Replaces the following motors: 3115-3129, 3115-312, 3118B3129, 3118B312, 3118C3129, 3118C312, 3110B3119, 3110B311, 3115A3119, 3115A311, 3118A3129, 3118A312, 3118-3129, 3118-312, 3110-3119 & 3110-311.

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