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24V reversing relay 3110-3311/A Coleman


3110-3311/A Coleman 24V reversing relay

Part Number:
$ 40.00

Basic White Rogers 4 terminal 3A relay. Terminals 4 & 5 are normally closed. When 24V is applied to terminals 1 and 3, terminals 4 & 5 open to break the circuit. Sometimes referred to as a reversing relay. Technician Note: Save yourself money and instead purchase a PR370 relay and ignore terminal #2. This relay performs the same task. Also replaces or known as part number 134-40102-206A, 3110-331, 3110-331/A, 620829, 6208290 & 9400-12Q239A.

Our 2-minute video below shows how a simple relay works.

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