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Duo Therm blower motor 1/6hp (NLA) 3-4123


3-4123 Duo Therm blower motor 1/6hp (NLA - see notes for substitute)

Part Number:
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Duo-Therm 1/6hp blower, No longer available. For a substitute, please see part number 7966-311P. Add a 2-prong plug to the end of the wires if so desired.

Original motor is a 1 speed, 115V, 1050RPM, 7.9A, 1/6HP. Rotation is counter clockwise when looking from the back of the motor (CCWLE). No run cap required. Motor size is 5" diameter x 4.25" deep not including knobs on ends. Shaft size is 1/2" x 3.25". Original motor is no longer available, see note above. Also replaces part number 3-14826.

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