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Blower assembly FEH Nordyne 431900 (NLA)


Nordyne 431900 FEH blower assembly (NLA)

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Sorry, no longer available. Order blower assembly number 48630 if available. 431900 heat-only 1-speed 1/6hp 220V 800CFM downflow blower assembly typical found in FEH series heat-only electric Nordyne furnaces.

This new blower assembly is not normally available. These assemblies were taken out of brand new furnaces that were updated with multi-speed assemblies for air conditioners at the time of installation.

1-year exchange warranty on all assemblies -- same as any new part we sell. Some of these assemblies do have shelf wear, meaning they've been sitting in boxes or on the shelf for awhile and will have a little dust on them. All assemblies have been retested. All assemblies come with a 1-year replacement warranty.

Assembly includes the following parts:
* scroll
* 667106 blower wheel 9x7
* 6207011 blower motor 1/6hp single speed 220V
* 12-prong male molex electrical plug

Rotates counter clockwise when viewing from back of motor (CCWLE). Housing measures 14" high x 16" deep x 9.25" wide. Motor sticks out of housing an extra 1.5" for a total width of 11.5". Bottom plate measures 14.25" wide x 15.5" long. Air opening measures 9.25" x 13.25".

If your furnace has air conditioning, then you need the 901282 multi-speed blower assembly.

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