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control light status ----color red 626421R


626421R Nordyne HSI control

Part Number:
$ 159.19

Nordyne hot surface ignition control.

Replaces 626333, 6263330, 626-421, 626421, 626-4210, 6264210.

1 Flash - the control is in lock-out because the inducer pressure switch is or was stuck closed.
2 Flashes - the control is in lockout because the signal was not received by the control that the inducer pressure switch had closed within the time.
3 Flashes - the control is in lockout because a failed ignition attempt, a gas valve error or a false flame sensed during the warm up period. If false flame has been sensed, the control will return to normal operation, and repeat ignition sequence when the false flame is not present.
4 Flashes - the control is in lockout due to a failure within the control board. Replace or repair the board.

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